Yet another iPod Doodles

Although I haven’t made illustrations recently, I quite enjoying doodling with my iPod touch. And It’s casual and easy for me to start a doodle than illustrate something. Another reason is I really not too good at painting directly (that is, without vector/layer convenience.) And this way did help, I handle the color and structure more rational than before. It’s still not 100% pixel perfect, but I feel quite confident about my progress. And thanks all encouragements from flickr.

This is for the moon walk 40 anniversary. I started from a photograph (of course).


This girl is also from a photograph. You may wonder why I always like to doodle girls. Actually I need to practice with human structure so I find photographs to start with. I will try boys or men, from now on.


A flower, not too much to mention, but I like the yellow brush touches.


Girl with dog, the color was a new attempt for me to express the pink sky in twilight.


Bus window, I was traveling back in a bus from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, it was a 2 hr journey at night. The lights of the road and the cars inspires me and I like this painting very much.


Two girls from photos. I’m not always doodling girls, I draw other things as you seen.



Library of my university. I was sitting in a chair near a lawn. That was a lot of mosquitos. But I like the lit windows.



  1. pridebubble:

    April 8, 2011


  2. Patrick Cai:

    August 30, 2009

    Your blog is simply amazing. You should write a blog describing how you set everything up. I would be really interested in learning this.

  3. le:

    August 24, 2009

    amazing works :-) you are very talented indeed

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